• NuaDHA Limon
  • NuaDHA 1000
  • Nua EPA
  • Hidroxinua
  • Nuantiox
  • Reishi


    Don't let winter bring you down!

    A natural way to cope with colds and flu-like processes..

  • Reishinua Caps
  • NuaDHA Vision

    NuaDHA vision

    Look to the future protecting your eyes

    A combination of antioxidants and Omega-3 (DHA) designed to protect and prevent visual alterations associated with agin.

  • NuaDHA 400
  • AndroNuaDHA


    Get ready to be a father!

    Food supplement designed to support male fertility.

  • NuaDerma


    Treat your skin from within all year round.

    Food supplement to protect the skin from chrono and photoaging.

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    NuaDHA® 500 is a food supplement with one of the highest concentrations of DHA(docosahexaenoic acid as triglyceride) (500 mg/soft gel) in the worldwide market of chewable DHA softgels. NuaDHA® 500 is a food supplement with...

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  • 33,00€

    Hidroxinua®25 is a food supplement based on an olive natural extract rich in Hydroxytyrosol (HT). HT is responsible for the characteristic bitterness of olives and extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), exhibiting a very high antioxidant power. Hidroxinua®25 is a food supplement...

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